Eric Thor Showcase

In making my personal site I experimented with various different Content Management Systems(CMS) before committing to Ghost. I developed a custom theme using handlebars, Sass, and several Javascript functions and plugins. I open sourced the code on Github. I go into greater detail about the design here.

DLP Showcase

Delta Lambda Phi Rutgers Graphics

I made online graphics and various printed materials for my fraternity Delta Lambda Phi. All the designs incorporated the fraternities colors and looked to confer a sense of legacy. They were used for several years as recruitment material. Read more and see the designs here.




Advanced with over four years of coding experience. Update-to-date with HTML5 elements such as <section>, <header>, <main>, and <article>.



Advanced with over four years of coding experience. Thorough understanding of layout and positioning. I understand the finer details of creating good web typography. I can build my own fluid grid systems. Have experience with frameworks such as Foundation and Bootstrap. Also proficient with media queries, responsive, and mobile first design. Lots of experience with differnt animations and transitions as well.



Proficient with a year of experience. Sass is my CSS precomplier of choice. It allows me to abstract by code and quickly design. I love using $variables, @mixins, @extends, and %placeholders. Here are the Sass files for this site. I did some fancy things with extends to reduce my output of my CSS file.



Capable with one year of experience. Capable of writing basic vanilla Javascript. Experience with jQuery and chaining animations. I can code animations from scratch and with references I can write basic ajax scripts to integrate within projects.



Proficient with a year of theme development experience. Comfortable with Wordpress theme development. I can create a modern theme from start to finish.



Over four years of experience. Know how to use layer masks and adjustments to create non-destructive edits. Efficient in producing web and print graphics.



Gulp/Grunt/Bower a few months of experience. These tools are essentials parts of my work-flow. Here is the Gulpfile for this project.



A few months of experience. I'm comfortable with committing, pushing, and checking-out branches.