Making Delta Lambda Phi Rutgers Graphics

As an undergrad at Rutgers I joined up with the local Delta Lambda Phi chapter. Delta Lambda Phi is a social and service fraternity for gay, bisexual, and progressive men. I served as President and Vice President of the organization. Over the years I was tasked with creating various material for recruitment.

Facebook Banners

Online we primarily advertised via Facebook. I created several different banners to be used by members to advertise the organization on their own pages.

Delta Lambda Phi's colors are green, yellow, and white. They were hard to mix together, but I think I was successful in coordinating them.

In the banners I included group photos and used the fraternities crest. I use large thick white type to easily communicate the message and intent of the banner.

Note that the bottom left corner is purposely left open. That space is taken up by the users avatar.

Business Card

I was also tasked with producing a business card for the fraternity. I came up with the phrase "Forge Equality & Leave a Legacy". I left padding all around the card so when they were printed the edges wouldn't be cut off. I looked to confer a sense of legacy and prominence with the design of the card.